AN -6 (AN6 JIC-6 ) 180 Degree Teflon FORGED Hose Fitting -FT167-A06-Free Shipping

AN -6 (AN6 JIC-6 ) 180 Degree Teflon FORGED Hose Fitting -FT167-A06-01

Type PTFE / Teflon Hose End Fittings
Size – AN6

– 180 Degree

Application – Fuel / Oil / Gas / Water

– Only suitable for the AN-3 TEFLON / PTFE Hose

Material – Anodize 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Description – The Teflon hose fittings mechanically clamp onto the Teflon hose core to provide the maximum seal possble and separately clamp the stainless steel outerbraid to achieve the strongest possible hose retention.

– Their one-piece design allows for improved flow and eliminates two potential leak points (brazed joints

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