T-Bolt Clamps 2″ 54 to 62mm Stainless Steel Clips for Silicone Hose Duty Hose x 10pcs – Free Shipping – Autobahn88.com ASHU50-5462

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 T-Bolt Clamps 2" 54 to 62mm Stainless Steel Clips for Silicone Hose Duty Hose x 10pcs





Type T-Bolt Clamps
Colour Chrome
Material Stainless Steel
Band Width 19mm
Diameter T Bolt Clamp 54-62mm (Adjustable 2.125″- 2.44″)
  • Adapt on Different Silicone or Plastic Hose
  • Provide Leak-Proof Connection
  • High  Pressure, High Heat Intake or  Exhaust Pipe Coupling Purpose
  • Handing Higher Pressure than German Clamps
  • Smooth on Inside and Will Not Bite into Hose
  • Easy to Tighten since it is out away from the Clamping Surface
  • Clean, Shiny, and Professional Looking


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Highest Quality Fittings and Adaptors

January 16th, 2014 ray88admin Posted in 45 Deg Female Forged, 90 Deg Cutter Female Forged, 90 Deg Female Forged, Bulkhead Kit, Fuel and Gear Filter, Fuel Delivery Adaptor, NPT - NPT Adaptor, NPT to Barb, Silicone Hose Parts No Comments »

GEX Performance supplies wide range of automotive small parts, home and garden accessories, office supplies. We provides an one-stop shop in our online shop satisfy all your needs.

Here are our snapshots of our product & Categories


Fittings & Adaptors Snapshot


All fittings  independent packing with matching labels ,  no mistake, we provide the very highest quality fittings to you!

We supply high grade aluminum Fittings and Adaptors

  • Reusable swivel Hose Ends

  • Hard Anodized Reusable Swivel Hose Ends

  • Push-On Hose End Fittings

  • Oil Cooler Fittings

  • AN Adaptor / NPT Adaptor

  • Weld Bungs

  • Banjo Bolts / Nuts

  • Stainless Steel Banjo / Fittings

  • Brake Fittings

  • Quick Release Racing Fittings

  • Fuel Regulator adaptors

  • Billet Fuel Filters

  • Stainless Steel braided hose

  • Nylon braided lite weight hose

  • PTFE Stainless steel braided hose


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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website!

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new website (2)


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …..

We are very excited to have finally launched our new site after months of development.

You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here as well as in the practice that is undergoing its own makeover.

Whether you’re modifying your car, restoring it, or just maintaining a daily driver, 

Gex Performance can help.

You can even buy car part online now from our website or from your own smartphone!
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