Father’s Day Deals in Automotive

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Father’s Day Deals in Automotive

We all want to show appreciation for our Dads and a great way to do that is to give him a gift that will enhance his physical and mental well being. 

We are cooperated with Gex Deals to provide Special offer

Special Offer on Autobahn88 Bonnet Damper

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Auotbahn88 bonnet damper enables easier effortless opening and closing of your bonnet.



Auotbahn88 bonnet damper enables easier effortless opening and closing of your bonnet.

Lightweight & Compact
Hood damper is designed to be lightweight and compact, so that it does not get in the way of any works around the engine bay. As the main body of the damper only weights 600g and the extension that adjust the full-open angle of the hood is made of iron, the product is amazingly lightweight even with all parts/components attached.

Opening-Heavy-Hood Made Easy!
Hoods are usually made of steel. The bigger the vehicle is, the heavier the hood is. Opening and closing the hood can be extremely troublesome, especially in a case of emergency for people who does not do work on his/her vehicle on regular basis. Many people want to open / close the hood much more lightly and easily. To meet such demands, Autobahn88 has developed Hood damper.

Highly Durable
Hood damper has met our strict quality standard and passed one hundred thousand times of Expansion & Contraction Test. In consideration of severe use conditions, as it is placed inside the engine bay, surfaces of each and every part are specially treated for corrosion-proof to stand 5 years of use

AUTOBAHN88 Bonnet Damper is your wise choice !!!

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Bonnet Damper demonstration

Bonnet Damper demonstration

At Gex Performance,we have a huge variety of hood dampers to ensure that you have every hood strut option available to you.

We go out of our way to carry every major line of hood dampers, so that whether you are looking for hood dampers or a set of NRG hood lift struts or anything in between, we’ve got it for you.
Gex Performance is the ultimate shopping destination for your hood strut needs.

Benz / Chevrolet / DAIHATSU / Ford / Honda / Hyundai / Lexus / Mazda / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Renault / Scion / Toyota / VW

Our Bonnet Damper is your wise choice !!!

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This video show how to install Bonnet Struts

ALL Black Bonnet Hood Damper

Just open your bonnet and the high pressure gas struts will hold you bonnet up, no need to fiddle around proping your bonnet up with the old bonnet arm. These are very easy to fit, just bolts onto your origional fittings on your bonnet and wing. “No Drilling or cutting” just a socket / spanner 15~20 minutes to install. This damper kit is designed to be installed without any modifications to your vehicle, no more dirty fingers or frustration with holding your bonnet up and trying to locate the hole for the old bonnet arm.


Autobahn88 Bonnet Damper


Autobahn88 Bonnet Damper

Hood dampers use the same technology as many shock absorbers. These gas filled struts can hold open a substantial load, and then telescope closed when needed. While many new cars come with hood dampers, they tend to wear out over time requiring replacement.


Older vehicles on the other hand can be updated with hood dampers to make engine work a breeze. In addition to OEM style dampers, there are also several companies who produce custom hood dampers so that you can add a little flash to your engine bay and retain great function. This is the perfect modification for the budget minded enthusiasts who wants to improve functionality.

BONNET DAMPER back in stock

 New Products Arrival !!!

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Benz / Chevrolet / DAIHATSU / Ford / Honda / Hyundai / Lexus / Mazda / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Renault / Scion / Toyota / VW

Autobahn88 Bonnet Damper is your wise choice !!!



  • Allows more workspace under the hood by eliminates any obstructions
  • makes opening and closing the bonnet quick and hassle-free
  • No drilling or modifications to the vehicle is needed
  • Simple and easy installed with common hand tools
  • Prevent oxidization design

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