New Product- Fire Sleeve hose Fire Braid Flame Shield (wholesale only )

Fire Sleeve hose Fire Braid Flame Shield. (wholesale only )

Fire Sleeve hose Fire Braid Flame Shield22-01

Type – Fire Sleeve



Material – Silicone coated fiberglass sleeve
Description –  Withstands 500°C continuous / 1650°C intermittent heat
– Ideal for protecting hoses, electrical wiring, oil and  fuel lines 
– Burn protection during under hood repairs and maintenance 
– Includes everything needed to finish the job correctly
– Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and  fuels, insulates against energy loss in piping and hosing
– Protective sleeve on Car hoses, Car Brake Line, Oil Line ,  hydraulic hoses, cables, wires, etc.
– Allows “bundling” of wires, hoses, and cables.

Wholesale Only!

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