Autobahn88 Aluminium pipes demonstration

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Only the best quality materials! We source only the highest quality aluminium materials to create our pipes. No creases, no marks and no flaws from bending. The material used welds ... Read more..

Bonnet Damper demonstration

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Bonnet Damper demonstration At Gex Performance,we have a huge variety of hood dampers to ensure that you have every hood strut option available to you. We go out of our way to ... Read more..

This video show how to install Bonnet Struts

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ALL Black Bonnet Hood Damper Just open your bonnet and the high pressure gas struts will hold you bonnet up, no need to fiddle around proping your bonnet up with the ... Read more..

An Fittings Adaptors demonstration

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An Fittings Adaptors demonstration Gex Performanc Oil and Fuel Line AN Fittings Gex Performance Innovations has released ultra strong and durable AN adapter fittings which are perfect for oil and fuel lines. ... Read more..

ENDLESS COLOR COMBINATIONS- Silicone hose demonstration

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  ENDLESS COLOR COMBINATIONS Our handmade silicone hose are constructed by the toughest polymers available ,making them ideal for the extreme performance environment We provide LIFETIME WARRANTY for our silicone hose ( Physical ... Read more..

Emotion silicone hose kit demo

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Emotion hoses offer improved cooling, better flow and are resistant to the extreme temperatures & pressures of high performance motorcycles. 3 colours for your choice Red, Blue and Green We have complete ... Read more..

Emotion motorbike silicone hose demonstration

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Emotion Hoses are made from high quality silicone and offer much better heat dissipation than OEM rubber hoses. Emotion silicone hoses will also withstand much higher pressures than stock hoses ... Read more..