Tube Bead Forming Tool / Intercooler Piping Bead Form Kit – CAPP150

Autobahn88 Tube Bead Forming Tool is a very useful tool for the pressure bead on tubing. It is suitable for all kinds of tubing – aluminum , brass , copper , steel and stainless steel. This is suitable for DIY. It is light weight and easy to operate. Best applications on Custom made intercooler pipes, Turbo pipes, Air Intake pipes , BOV pipes and other Motorbikes, Marines tubing applications.

If you are interest, pls. click this link for more details:

CAPP150Tube Bead Forming Tool / Intercooler Piping Bead Form Kit - Autobahn88 ( CAPP150 ) CAPP150(3)   CAPP150(4)CAPP150(5)


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